Saturday, 6 June 2009


I've disappeared again I know. But at least I have a slightly better reason than laziness this time. I've been forced into a 13 week employability course with a company called Juniper training (feel free to think badly of them). Basically I sit in a room with a large number of people who can't read or write and discuss the finer points of getting dressed with the aim of helping people get jobs.

To be fair a lot of the people in my group might actually need that help this one man (can't remember the name and probably would not type it anyway). Spent 5 minutes complaining at me that the company would not pay for postage on an application form he had filled in. When I asked why he told me it was -Just- because he had spelt his name wrong and put in the wrong address and scribbled it out. In almost those exact words. On top of this we had one guy arguing with an 'employment officer' (read: teacher) about the legitimacy of the British National Party as a political group rather than a bunch of racist hate-mongers.

All of this said there are reasonable people and fun story's to tell, Including in no particular order claiming to a group of 20 with a straight face that I wanted to work in a sex shop as a dream career stating some innuendo laced reasons. An A3 drawing of 'The very hungry Caterpillar' getting stuck to the wall with glue during a CV building session and getting given Friday off to do an 'external research project' which I can only assume is the teachers having had enough of us collectively for one week. Speaking of which I wonder if writer/journalist would count as a career that I have researched otherwise they will end up disappointed come Monday.

Anyway when I get chance I would really like to expand on some of the fun things that happen while I'm on this waste-of-tax-payers-money course as while I enjoy writing, I really have had no inspiration of late, even with regards to the story I want to write. I guess, writing what you know is better than knowing what you just blatantly made up sometimes.

(oh and it might be noticeable that since my last post, adverts were added and removed, to explain, I was offered money to advertise, I was not happy but needed a bit of cash. After an initial payment I've decided I liked my site better when it wasn't advertising a rubbish company I have never heard of and will never use, as such they have been removed).