Sunday, 25 November 2012

One Post Per Year Is My Quota

I got a strange and unexpected request a day or so ago. It was that I resurrect the hideous beast known as WHR once more for the purpose of creating one last masterpiece. The person; the one person who ever seemed to visit this page, the request: 

"You could always pap up a drawing of me! with a seagull on my head whilst I'm on the back of a fox"

Complex but Elegant., genius yet silly. How could I refuse? So I spent the next 24 hours or so slaving away over a sketch pad full of drawings of foxes and pigeons (which is either me remembering the request wrong or artistic licence, a question for the ages) and eventually not ten minutes prior to this post produced my finest work.

The fox is either whistling or howling I'm not sure which and of cause the pigeon looks disinterested because it is used to flying and eating chips off of the floor. 

Yes Okay I did a slightly less lazy version, it unfortunately doesn't look a great deal better as I made the fantastic mistake of spilling coffee all over my desk and trashing my keyboard and mouse. So without further padding to make it look like an article rather than something that should have been said over twitter I present "Captain Pigeon eats chips while riding atop a Lady riding side-saddle on a grumpy fox (as the fox dislikes the Pigeons political views)" I considered a longer more descriptive title but decided not to be an arse.

Now to ignore this blog for another year. See you autumn/winter 2013.

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