Saturday, 26 June 2010

Mork and...

Mindy the name of the assistant manager taking over at the place I sort of work at (not really but its similar enough to that, that I've nicknamed her Mindy). To say she's slow is something of an understatement. To say that she laughs at colours and her ears wiggle when she pulls a gummy smile is perhaps closer.

Anyway I was looking for a picture of Sloth of the Goonies to put on my phone to compare the two too see if they might be related/identical. I found one, this one infact:

Then I thought to myself "You know what would make this job easier?", "No what?" I said... "Putting a ponytail on him so you don't have to imagine hair!"I replied to myself, to which I excitedly responded "Wow great idea, lets do that!"

So after recovering from that confusing conversation that's exactly what I did:

After putting that on my phone for later enjoyment I thought "You know what, that picture could be used as a poor excuse to post on that blog thing you have" So I wrote a quick explanation of what I had done and why and am about to press the publish button after making up some vaguely relevant tags.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Yet another comparison

I'm still alive, just busy sadly. I was just watching a repeat of Russell Howard's Good News on BBC3 as I am sad and lonely and couldn't help but notice the similarity between Boris Johnson and Rocky Horror of Rocky Horror. I found a little clip of the bit I'm on about, can't be bothered to embed because it takes far to much effort so here.