Monday, 13 September 2010

Smack Ladle

While I realise this is absolutely nothing like how things actually work, I couldn't help thinking today whether anyone out there deals heroin by the spoon. Example if I was a bit tight on cash but feeling a bit itchy I could go for a tea spoon of smack. If I had had a particularly good day claiming to need a cup of tea at the bus station I might treat myself to a table or soup spoons worth.

Of cause assuming your a reasonably talented thief or people just don't care that your ripping off a charity (Not at all a dig to the less reputable volunteers I may or may not work with) you could always indulge yourself with the godlike smack ladle.

I'm sure you could carry on into small buckets leading up to JCB attachments but that would just be silly.

Ps: Coming soon from WHR the place that brought you the Bee-bra, Hammer Heels and Smack ladle: Penis topper the daft way of dealing with male leakage. (insert obligatory comment about lack of updates here along with an empty promise to update more).