Friday, 30 January 2009

Guess that tune!

I was tempted to call this "Who's that pokemon?" but I thought its highly likely I'll want to use that title again at some point. Look at the image and guess the name of the tune! Give yourself a gold star and a hug for getting the artist and the title, if you only get one of them, only give yourself either a gold star or a hug.

you can also check the file name on the image, but doing that will win you nothing but shame.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I am a Chocobo!


How ace and or scary would a Godzilla sized Chocobo be?

(Click for big on the image)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I Hate Neelix

Quick post just to point out that I really don't like Neelix, it's a funny kind of hate, because well, I can't think of any reason to justify it apart from he's happy all the damn time (well, that's enough reason to dislike most people in my opinion). So I guess until I can update this post with a proper reason as to why I can't stand him I'll just leave a little list:

  • He's happy -all- the time.
  • His stupid, stupid hair that looks like an over grown yard brush.
  • He's completely useless to the point that crew members invent jobs for him to do to save him from feeling useless.
  • ...I mean, his girlfriend or whatever managed to find a half useful thing to do and she was like what? 3 years old or something.
  • Neelix is essentially just a butlins employee.
  • The best episode I remember him in was the one where he died and I went "yes! fsck you Neelix!" and he basically whined his way through that one until someone made up something for him to do, scare off imaginary monsters, I think it was.
I guess I can praise the man however for giving me someone to shout at or laugh at when ever he does something wrong.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Wax Comparison

I watched some awful remake horror film called House of Wax last night because I heard Paris Hilton gets killed in it (She does it was totally worth watching the rest of the film just to see her get a javelin type thing in her head). Towards the end of the film I wasn't paying much attention anymore to be honest, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed the bad guy with long hair using a spoon to fix his damaged wax face and I couldn't help but notice this comparison...

There isn't a huge similarity, but if you needed more of a reason to distrust Michael Jackson, here it is.

Monday, 19 January 2009


Every console owner -should- know that Unreal Championship 2 is the best console Unreal, which makes me wonder, where is Unreal Championship 3? So, Epic, take of your gears power armour for a second and make it for me please, oh and don't mess about with it like you did with gears of war 2.

Little known facts about Jesus #1 and #2

Hi children! *waves enthusiastically* This weeks "Little known fact about Jesus" is in fact two facts that are somehow connected and as such are in one post, I would not post to minor pieces of information in separate posts just to up the post count would I?

Now, it's a little known fact about Jesus that he absolutely loved Jelly! All colours and flavours are good, but he goes crazy for Strawberry jelly, his love went so far that his last super was basically just jelly and ice cream, Judas' hate for Jesus has many theories as to it's origin but one of the first reasons that surfaced is that Judas hates jelly, can't stand it, he prefers a nice fruit pie for dessert over jelly.

Now before you crazy kids start shouting "Hey, Jelly wasn't invented in bible times you liar" let me just explain myself, now I could just say, He's Jesus he can eat whatever he wants, but that'd be cheap. So I bring you the second Little known fact about Jesus of the day. Jesus was a time traveller not like the boring doctor who, more like Doc Brown. Now I'm not saying Jesus owned a flying Delorean, wait, that's totally what I'm saying!

I lost my heart to a starship trooper

I re-watched a film I liked years ago recently, Starship Troopers. I still really enjoyed it, but I think with me been slightly older I've noticed a couple of things with the film that really bothered me. Near the start the smart ferret guy does a video clip saying pretty much, to shoot the bug thing in the eye and it'll die straight away "Pretty cool" I said, should make it easy for those space marine guys to kill them all. Skip forwards a bit and Rico and his best buddy's are on some planet somewhere fighting bugs and I notice they arn't dying very easy at all, I just wanted to shout Neil Patrick Harris you liar! Until I noticed that those stupid marine types were shooting from the hip, all that time they spent running around learning how to shoot things and no one taught them to aim. I'm sure in the entire film there was maybe two people who aimed, one of them, was the teacher with a missing arm, problem with that was, he only aimed once and that was when he wanted to shoot his own soldier.

Also, I noticed my undying hatred of Carmen (I think that was her name, I don't have the will to look it up) and I'm just as annoyed now as I was back then that she makes it to the end of the film alive, personally if I had any say in it, I'd use her as practice to explain to the infantry how to aim.

(In case anyone's interested the title is a song of the same name by Sarah Brightman).

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


The hoob-y van is out of petrol and Ivor has spent all his Hoob-y money on alcohol again, "How are we going to get about now?!" screams Groove. Just at this moment the phone rings and HubbaHubba's blue face appeared on screen, "It seems you've found the question!" says Tula hiding her face under her pink hand, "Let's answer this quick, Ivor threw up all over my Hoob-y Pasta I wanna get to the shop, I'm fucking hungry!"

Moments later another call, it's Roma "It turns out Hoob-y Petrol isn't made from oil like Peep petrol, but it's made from the processed blood of the Tiddly-Peeps". This truth hurt Tula and Groove but they knew what they had to do, if this carried on much longer, the Motorettes would starve and die. Groove looked down into his own belly as he said "There is one person I can think of who could help us get our Hooby-petrol..."

After Groove's contact arrived with a small container of Tiddly-peep blood to feed the Motorettes it was up to the roof of the van, "I guess we don't have much choice, while our van can still move..." Started Tula, "We're off to see the tiddly-peeps"

(Click for big on the pic).