Sunday, 10 January 2010

Distracting Potatos

I've been noticing recently how easy it is to distract people from their train of thought by asking them if they like Potato's. There is so many different things that you can do with a potato that asking the question 'Do you like potatos?' will get a longer answer than if you asked about a slightly less versatile veg.

Completely unnecessary examples:

John Humphrys: Do you like Carrots?
Me: Yeah kinda

John Humphrys: Do you like Peas?

Me: Well yeah, except garden peas and mushy peas

John Humphrys: Do you like Potato's?

Me: Most types yes, baked potato's, normal-y potato's, wedges and stuff rock, I think that chips are morally wrong however, even French fries, well especially fries, I suppose steak chips are OK on occasion but lets be honest, chips wouldn't get my vote in the next general election... Just think if the opposition was a baked potato as well, not a chance, don't you think Gordon Brown kind of looks like a potato?

John Humphrys: I'm going to have to stop you there you scored 2 out of a possible 3, Yes was the answer you missed on potato's.

Anyway the point is, catch people of guard by asking them for their vital vegetable opinions. It's a good way of making them forget what they were talking about. Potato's especially if you need some real time to think.

Guess that tune ... 2010

Just like the last time I played this game, give yourself a smug look for guessing the artist and track title.

Only its a new year, I guess that should change something. Make a new years resolution not to give yourself smug looks for getting something right on the internet then break it by knowing this picture! Marvellous.

Oh I was hibernating back home with my parents during December as an excuse for wondering off (All that twitter activity was an imposter, honest).

Oh 2 image name kind of gives away the answer.