Thursday, 27 November 2008

Big Willie Style to Hancock

I'm going to try not to ramble to much on this but I think I've found the solution to society's problems, Will Smith. Will Smith as you may know was once a rapper before he moved his sights on to movies, when he used to focus on music he made a sort of safe rap, example:

"First class, yo this is bad
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass." -

From the song "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
which was about how he moved house after listening to his mothers worries about not wanting him to get hurt by local thugs that had just moved to the area. Sadly we don't have this now and instead have music replacing Smiths in popularity like this:

"Dogg back up in this muthafucka, hoes know how to act up in this muthafucka, they know I make
it crack up in this muthafucka, all blue chucks and my chakkies in this muthafucka, I'm lookin'
for a thick one, he can't brown, she lookin' for the slim one, loves to go down she say she
like the big one, meet her right now do you know i gotta get one?"

Which is the first few lines of a song by Snoop Dogg I copied direct from here I haven't corrected the spelling because for all I know those sentances make sense to the intended audience (Incase you think I'm being unfair I just picked a song at random from a recent album... I imagine the rest are similar). But this man is apparently one of the most popular rappers this year, gone are the lyrics promoting listening to your parents and drinking orange juice. and in comes lyrics about fucking mothers and ... well thats all I understand in that passage, it's probably about rape or sluts or something ( I hate this kind of garbage).

Right, that's my comparison on how music has changed, don't think there can be much argument on that, and now for this. Since Will Smith has moved on to movies and
is no longer at the hight of success with music (1997-ish) knife crime in the UK has turned into a rather serious problem. and you know who carrys knifes? Chavs, those dirty arseholes standing on your street corner threatening to slash you up unless you buy them alcohol because their only 12. I tried to find a site to demonstrate I wasn't alone in typing that chavs = knife crime. but one of the first sites I found ( Searching "Chav Knife") was this bebo page, which I believe sums things up quite nicely.

You can see where I'm going with this so I'll just say it...

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Casual Carmine

I believe I can fly...

I believe I could touch the sky...

I think about it every night and day...

Spread my wings and fly away...

(In other news, Kelly got killed by Casual Carmine....)

Thursday, 13 November 2008


I've moved house, an I'm back online at long last, remind me to rant a lot about BT's failings as a company at some point, but for now, I'm just saying "I'm back" and leaving you with this picture my old landlord sent to my email with the caption "Why did you leave this knowing I'd be showing someone around?"

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Update: Pikamew

You might remember I was experimenting with creating the ultimate animal a month or so ago, thought I'd make a cheery post to let you know that the process is going well, following some starting issues teaching the Pikamew's how to mate involving some disturbing Punch and Judy style puppet shows, they are now breeding well and I've got myself the beginnings of a Pikamew farm.

Note how well the young Pikamews get along interacting socially demonstrating a moderate level of intelligence.

(This isn't my backyard, if it is your backyard, be careful those animals are quite dangerous).


I'm moving not to be compared with this sadly. This means bring about all the classic problems, going through all your stuff deciding what to keep what to throw out and where all this stuff is going to go anyway. Packing and organising help, In this case one of my favourites is turning out to be the state of the new house, while nice of the people I'm renting from it's really quite unwelcome: you see they have left about 6-7 wardrobes in my new bedroom, sadly I don't own such a huge volume of clothes and that wall space would be better used on desks, so I decide to dismantle the wardrobes and give them to my sister as a rare act of kindness. Fair enough you might think, nice easy jobs. Until you realise these wardrobes were constructed originally by a complete maniac. Nails in the back one every inch, unnecessary screws and even screws connecting the different units together for no reason what so ever. It's enough to drive a girl insane, taking apart units that are not only twice your size, but screwed into the next unit to it at random places.

One more thing I need to get off my chest, why would anyone be mean enough to give someone dodgy ladders, I fell out of the loft about 10 foot down on to my arm because the ladder collapsed on me. Once my arm stops hurting I might have to use it to slap the owner of the ladder.

(On a brighter note, I like painting walls and stuff, but happy does not make for good reading as journalists will tell you).

Monday, 3 November 2008

Mix Tape

Maybe I'm just unlucky, maybe I did something to deserve it, but why is it that every (from my experience) high level MMORPG player seem to be competing for either the 'Most boring person alive' award or the 'Biggest Arsehole' award. I should explain I've been playing MMORPG's on and off for about 11 years now, and it seems as soon as you get to a certain point on any of them, the company you keep goes to shit. rather than having abit of fun and chatting your party's turn to silence with everyone doing exactly what their job requires and nothing else ( what's the point in a party that's completely silent).

Normally I'd just quit ditch everyone I've met and move on to a new game and start again, but with the game I'm playing at present you can switch job, so in theory you could get to the (as I call it:) arsehole barrier and then just start a new job, the problem is that because you're on the same game you get hasseled to play the job that people know you have leveled. Great I guess most people think, I can get abit closer to the level cap. I'd rather solo my way through the first section of the game in silence than sit in a high-ish level party in complete silence. atleast if I'm soloing I know no ones talking because I'm alone, not because they are arrogant wankers.

(Just to explain the above remarks somewhat: I'm playing FFXI I'm level 61, problem is, with the introduction of the Level Sync system, you can't even escape the higher level types by switching jobs as you could very well end up in a 15 or 25-ish party with a group of 75's ... Don't even get me started on the general personalitys of a certain job, i'd grit my teeth untill my jaw broke).