Friday, 2 December 2011

Some things should stay dead

I decided to give Google+ a go late last night out of boredom. While playing around with my settings I am reminded much to my horror that I once wrote on a blog called Wrist-huggers Refuge.

After a bit of time the one thing I had actually enjoyed doing on this new social site was browse a gallery of all the little drawings I had spent probably about 10 minutes on total over a 2 year period. Unfortunately all this fell apart when I realised the blog and its pretty pictures was linked to an email address that wouldn't work with the application on my android phone.

I set about changing the blog over to a different account but don't seem to have recovered my photo album yet which is just awful. It just does not feel the same posting without the history loitering about somewhere.

Still I soldiered on and created a new profile with which to post with and decided a new profile doodle would be appropriate as well and here is a nice print out and keep version of it (because people want that sort of thing ... maybe):

Also I may have accidentally uploaded some slightly edited pictures of a person I know. Everyone makes mistakes, for example me posting to this site after a break spanning millennia.