Thursday, 23 April 2009

Zombie time at WHR

I am back from the dead but at the moment not posting pictures I drew myself. I figure I should apologise too the at least one person who knows this waste of web space exists for me wondering off for a month, I've been oh so busy with training courses, work trials and hospital appointments that I've hardly had time for even the essentials (Left 4 Dead's new Survival mode) On top of all of that following what I considered high praise with regards to a story/book idea I pitched, I'm working on plot lines and crazy spider graphs and such to see if I can develop the idea more. So yes busy, but I'd best stop before people think I'm using the blog properly and not as a place to dump random images.

With out further ado I present to you a short series of 'Fan art'. To get the best experience from this post, open this link in a different tab while you read.

First we have this lovely picture of a Car shaped like a pigeon by a young girl aged 5. You can really see the detail on the door and it's wheels, this picture is a real joy to look at, I could stare for hours only to notice something new.

Now this is an image that quite frankly makes me look bad, notice how the artist has took the time to colour the background and just look at the emotions on the characters faces. Behind all the detail however I believe this drawing has a strong message that I think we can all appreciate. What is next...

Ah, now this is a classic imitation WHR piece, you can only tell it's not a real image because of the higher quality colours and legible handwriting, again this is an emotion filled piece as the artist can't help but shout her love for hairy men across the canvas seemingly getting distracted from the original drawing which I speculate was a picture of Stick Girl Sam getting poked in the eye by an angry cloud... yes, moving on...

I do have one more excellent drawing by the person who did these but I'm going to post it later on along with something I made myself with any luck as I feel like I can't even remember what GIMP looks like.

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