Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I'm moving not to be compared with this sadly. This means bring about all the classic problems, going through all your stuff deciding what to keep what to throw out and where all this stuff is going to go anyway. Packing and organising help, In this case one of my favourites is turning out to be the state of the new house, while nice of the people I'm renting from it's really quite unwelcome: you see they have left about 6-7 wardrobes in my new bedroom, sadly I don't own such a huge volume of clothes and that wall space would be better used on desks, so I decide to dismantle the wardrobes and give them to my sister as a rare act of kindness. Fair enough you might think, nice easy jobs. Until you realise these wardrobes were constructed originally by a complete maniac. Nails in the back one every inch, unnecessary screws and even screws connecting the different units together for no reason what so ever. It's enough to drive a girl insane, taking apart units that are not only twice your size, but screwed into the next unit to it at random places.

One more thing I need to get off my chest, why would anyone be mean enough to give someone dodgy ladders, I fell out of the loft about 10 foot down on to my arm because the ladder collapsed on me. Once my arm stops hurting I might have to use it to slap the owner of the ladder.

(On a brighter note, I like painting walls and stuff, but happy does not make for good reading as journalists will tell you).

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