Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I hate Tom Nook

I realise he's trying to run a business, make a few bells and that, fair enough we all need bells to live on. Tom seems to do whatever he pleases however, going as far as to build extensions into my house without asking, then charging for it like I wanted the work done. Okay maybe I would like abit of extra space, but thing of the extra cost in heating the place, its winter after all. I just don't have the bells for this kind of thing, what am I even going to put in the extra room anyway?

He comes across friendly and stuff but look at those eyes! He might say that its OK and I can pay him back whenever for the work, but his dead soulless eyes say otherwise, they say "Daily payments or I'll make a few calls, send some people round to 'visit' your family" He's skipping repossession and going straight to threatening to murder the family and the family pet as a penalty for falling behind with the payments, which are in my opinion extortionate as they are... 728,000 bells he wants this time, just to add one little room, where am I suppose to get that kind of money? my job picking fruit only just pays enough that I can eat at the end of a long day with enough left over to buy enough alcohol to drown my sorrows with. It's like I'm a slave or something, working off my debt only to be dumped in more because of Nook's unwanted and shoddy building... You know what I hate Tom Nook, I want him dead for the misery he's put me in since I moved to this town..

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