Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Deal With Bill

Following the back story uncovered for the gears of war universe here I've managed to get solid information regarding the past of the main characters of Left 4 Dead, the quiet frankly awesome game by Valve. I'll do this by Character...


Louis is probably the most normal among the group, there isn't much to say about him I'm afraid other than that he seems to have got rather unlucky following what looked to be the start of a promising career as a Systems analyst (unlucky been the millions of zombies trying to murder his face off). He doesn't seem to know much about the other survivors apart from he'd be dead without their help.


This is where things start getting weird, this man seems to be something of an understudy to Bill. It's unclear if Francis knows what he is getting himself into but he
seems to follow Bills instruction all the same. Before the Zombies he was unemployed, practically homeless and mugging children to afford his next drink.


The Student Zoey learning to be a teacher was at a pla
cement at a primary school when it all went wrong. She is the only survivor who knows of Bill's past. At this time I'm not 100% certain if Zoey helped Bill before the Infected arrived or if she just knew, but it is safe to say that she hasn't made a move to out Bill for the terrible things he's done to the rest of the group which leads me to suspect guilt on her part, Although it is possible she is keeping quiet due to a threat or because she believes they benefit from Bill's experience with weapons.


War veteran Bill (second name suspected to be Carmine) went wrong during his tours in Vietnam, he did some terrible things to under-age boys and girls. He got away with his actions as it was war time, but when he returned to his home following the war, he was lost and found it difficult to fit back into normal society this included finding it difficult to get and ke
ep work, and his lust for children, He met Zoey while he was stalking a young boy at the school she was training at, this much is known but their relationship apart from this is unknown, since the Infected attacked Bill seems to be keeping his secret safe from his fellow survivors (with the exception of Zoey of cause) but His secretive talks with Francis are beginning to worry.


It has been rumoured that Hunters are the Infected resulting from people abused by Bill while they were normal explaining how much more vicious they a
re (and maybe the leaping considering what Bill likely did to them) as they remember a fractured amount from there old life. A recent rumour has brought up the possibility that Tanks once lived in a pineapple under the sea, and are chasing down the survivors because of Louis' dislike for pineapple, I personally put little faith in this rumour been found true but you never can be sure with how much is known at present.

If any other i
nformation comes to light on this I shall update this post...

(also please note this back-story is the combined rantings of 3 drunkards over the space of a month and is not in anyway Valves official story... although to be honest it's probably not far off, I mean, look at Bill, you wouldn't trust him around ya kids right?).

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