Thursday, 17 September 2009


I picked up Pokemon FireRed off of to keep me busy while I'm waiting for Scribblenauts UK release next month. I had forgotten how great the first gen Pokemon were. It was delivered this morning, my one day off this week from my charity work ( I know, I know) and rather than tormenting people on Red Faction: Guerrilla as I had planned I have been wasting time playing on my DS.

This might seem like a huge waste of post (like there is much difference) and you would be right, I did have something I wanted to type about but, well, I forgot it. So as a trade off while I try to remember. My current six Pokemon at the moment, I've just beaten Brock, are:

Charmander, Beedrill, Metapod, Rattata, Pidgey and Pikachu.

My Metapod -almost- managed to hurt Brocks Geodude, so in Celebration I made a picture:

Its my Metapod using Harden against a small and largely un-drawn city. scary isn't it.

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