Thursday, 10 September 2009

How to: Disappoint and confuse yourself

Yo-ho ahoy nobody. I figure I dropped off the map for so long that even passing strangers now skip this hole because of all the cobwebs. However, while I say this -every- time I disappear and come back, I should be about more for now at least. The course I was on has finally finished and I have a little bit more free time. So much so in fact that I'm at a loss as to what to do, -so- much of a loss in fact, that I ended up here typing.

However not all my time is free, which is the part where the title comes in. The first lesson I shall teach for a while shall be a simple one while I work on more stuff in GIMP. Don't believe me? how dare you. I bring proof and Jaffe cakes, however the Jaffe cakes are just for me.

See, I have at the very least got the programme open. Anyway the course was fun. By the end of it each day was essentially a bitching contest between various members of staff and trainees. Suffice to say the side that had me tended to win. Although I'll admit not due to intelligence or well placed insults, just persistence.

I found a nice picture I made years ago when I used to use Windows (I know, right?). No fancy layers or anything just a cheap mspaint scribble, but it's of a much higher quality than the stuff I usually garnish my rants with so enjoy.

You might notice I've stumbled around the subject slightly here, well I'm somewhat disappointed in myself. There is one thing you see, I said with some authority while younger and possessed some sort of social life, that "I would never do volunteer work, I mean, that's like working, but like, for free". Unfortunately however for reasons unknown ... I'm working voluntarily for a charity shop.

As you can see I'm rather confused and I imagine my sociable self from the past would be disappointed.

As for the dear non-existent reader, are you not disappointed with what that rambling lead up too and confused as to why you bothered?

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