Tuesday, 13 January 2009


The hoob-y van is out of petrol and Ivor has spent all his Hoob-y money on alcohol again, "How are we going to get about now?!" screams Groove. Just at this moment the phone rings and HubbaHubba's blue face appeared on screen, "It seems you've found the question!" says Tula hiding her face under her pink hand, "Let's answer this quick, Ivor threw up all over my Hoob-y Pasta I wanna get to the shop, I'm fucking hungry!"

Moments later another call, it's Roma "It turns out Hoob-y Petrol isn't made from oil like Peep petrol, but it's made from the processed blood of the Tiddly-Peeps". This truth hurt Tula and Groove but they knew what they had to do, if this carried on much longer, the Motorettes would starve and die. Groove looked down into his own belly as he said "There is one person I can think of who could help us get our Hooby-petrol..."

After Groove's contact arrived with a small container of Tiddly-peep blood to feed the Motorettes it was up to the roof of the van, "I guess we don't have much choice, while our van can still move..." Started Tula, "We're off to see the tiddly-peeps"

(Click for big on the pic).

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