Monday, 1 September 2008

The Deal With Locust

I've been meaning to write this down for a while, Ya know that game by a little company called Epic, Gears Of War I think its called... Anyway there are these scaly lizard guys called locusts right who live underground in the sewers or something. I've got the exclusive 100% true (Read: Made up) Back story for the little critters. Here we gooooo...

Locust are actually Cats! now before ya hang me listen up, They are all like, underground and stuff right, and hate the human types. I think its cause in the past all the locust ancestors were unwanted pets, flushed into the sewers by their human owners. Over the years and such the bad conditions forced the Cats too evolve and as they did they got smarter and tougher and smarter and angrier at the humans who cast them from their easy lives! Now they fight the evil humans to try and get revenge on them for the centurys of strugle they were forced to suffer, as the humans lived easy lives and slowly forgot about the race of cats they long ago loved as pets.

All is not lost though as the word spreads of the wrong that the humans did so long ago more and more (mostly hippys) people realise the truth and join the Cats on their fight for equality and a right to share the surface with the Humans. Join this cause yourself, show your support for the Cats- as you fight the COG forces online roar your battle cry: Meow at your opponents and show them you wont allow the Cats to go back to the underground sewers where the Humans banished them so long ago!

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