Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I Hate Neelix

Quick post just to point out that I really don't like Neelix, it's a funny kind of hate, because well, I can't think of any reason to justify it apart from he's happy all the damn time (well, that's enough reason to dislike most people in my opinion). So I guess until I can update this post with a proper reason as to why I can't stand him I'll just leave a little list:

  • He's happy -all- the time.
  • His stupid, stupid hair that looks like an over grown yard brush.
  • He's completely useless to the point that crew members invent jobs for him to do to save him from feeling useless.
  • ...I mean, his girlfriend or whatever managed to find a half useful thing to do and she was like what? 3 years old or something.
  • Neelix is essentially just a butlins employee.
  • The best episode I remember him in was the one where he died and I went "yes! fsck you Neelix!" and he basically whined his way through that one until someone made up something for him to do, scare off imaginary monsters, I think it was.
I guess I can praise the man however for giving me someone to shout at or laugh at when ever he does something wrong.


DamnThatsCrazy said...

You forgot to add that he's fxcking corny as hell! He's stupid. Every time I watched him dance or be enthusiastic, I felt embarrassed and thought, Man I'm too old for this shit.

Fxck Neelix for making me feel inferior during an hour of my life that should be devoted to sci-fi euphoria!

mikeleev said...

It is a fish-head, useless, selfish bastard, and even worst than that, it has the hottest girl on the ship. He is the only reason why they closed Kes role.

Khainz said...

If u write this about Neelix u'r just an IDIOT and don't know him at all ...hes not arrogant ... he's more shy ... and this probably makes u feel hes arrogant ...
u are poooor people who have to judge about someone u never even spoke to ...

Khainz said...

heheh sorr dudes ...i thought u were speaking about the musician neelix ...hehehe :D

monologue said...

Your hatred of the Neelix character is justified!! Yes he completely limited and confined the growth of the Kes character both by molesting the 1.5 year old ocampan Kes (human equivalent of 10 years old) and preventing her from branching out in other relationships with insane jealous y and paranoia. Yes, His constant yammering and molestation of Tuvok showed his ethnocentric egoism that insists that Voyager's resident Vulcan has to crack a smile at his idiotic attempts at humor and levity instead of respecting his cultural differences. Yes, he almost killed the crew by poisoning the bio neural gel packs of the ship with some sort of cheese bacteria as well as directly caused gastritis and general dyspepsia with his Leola root concotions on several occasions. Yes he went nihilistic after he came back from the dead and terrorized Voyager crew including little Naomi, they should have let him transport himself into the vacuum or better yet let Tuvok strangle him to death. I know he supposed to be the life of the Delta Quadrant a lovable scamp who develops into the lovable 'fun' uncle Neelix but in actuality he is a selfish, opportunistic, ingratiating, arrogant and smarmy little hedgehog: a cross between Jar Jar Binks and Snarf from the Thundercats.
Jar Jar*Snarf
And I love the Star Trek franchise and I know Voyager needs Neelix as a foil or plot device or a contrast between Federation Standards but he is so annoying!!!