Monday, 19 January 2009

Little known facts about Jesus #1 and #2

Hi children! *waves enthusiastically* This weeks "Little known fact about Jesus" is in fact two facts that are somehow connected and as such are in one post, I would not post to minor pieces of information in separate posts just to up the post count would I?

Now, it's a little known fact about Jesus that he absolutely loved Jelly! All colours and flavours are good, but he goes crazy for Strawberry jelly, his love went so far that his last super was basically just jelly and ice cream, Judas' hate for Jesus has many theories as to it's origin but one of the first reasons that surfaced is that Judas hates jelly, can't stand it, he prefers a nice fruit pie for dessert over jelly.

Now before you crazy kids start shouting "Hey, Jelly wasn't invented in bible times you liar" let me just explain myself, now I could just say, He's Jesus he can eat whatever he wants, but that'd be cheap. So I bring you the second Little known fact about Jesus of the day. Jesus was a time traveller not like the boring doctor who, more like Doc Brown. Now I'm not saying Jesus owned a flying Delorean, wait, that's totally what I'm saying!

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