Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Help wanted, apply within

Back to normal, no more long stories that make no sense. Anyway it's come to my attention recently that the education systems in Scotland differ quite greatly (to England), at least in the high school and college areas and while Wikipedia in it's infinite greatness lets me read up on what the various different levels are called and what you can study at each level, there is no comparison for example at high school I studied towards my GCSE qualifications then headed to college to do a couple of A levels and an AVCE. Basically what I'm after knowing is, what is the scotish equivilant of a GCSE or A level and whatever. Seriously if you glance this message and just happen to be a Scotish student or teacher feel free to comment to fill me in, it's really annoying me.

(You can for some daft reason click for big on this picture, no idea why it's not my regular size to be honest).

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