Thursday, 5 March 2009

Doctor Jesus Medicine Woman: Part 2

We left our heroes here.

Bruce had landed the plane just outside of Whgut. The team had been to many places across the vast continent and reactions differ from huge crowds gathering around the plane with excitement at something new to this, nothing, no one coming to greet them almost as if there was an air of fear surrounding the town upon their arrival. The three of them moved away from the plane as Bruce watched from the planes exit hatch, watching the sun rise over the low rise buildings as a slight breeze blew a light carpet of sand across the landscape.

The three experts had reached the main street of the small town of Whgut, they had decided their first point of call should be the scene of the shooting, a cautious villager had directed them towards a small hairdressers on a side street close by the mayors office. Jesus turned into the street followed by Mark and Jessica; who was sporting an involuntary squint either from the morning sun or the drinks price on her from the night before. A short woman stepped out of the hairdressers as they got closer and shading her eyes with her hand she called "Are you here to help Miss Casdres?", "I think it might be too late for that my dear" Jesus said back as he stepped with in arms length of the woman. "Sorry, I mean, Ms. erm, Fiona Casdres she died outside my shop, your here to help catch her killer yes?". Mark stepped forwards as he said "That's the plan ma'am our job here is to try to help the people left ill and catch the one responsible". "I see you'd all better come inside then I can fill you in on what happened, not many people will be willing to talk you see". The woman turned and walked inside her shop, the trio exchanged a glance before following.

"She was a nice woman you know, She was just elected the first female Mayor of Whgut, I can't believe anyone would want her dead but the evidence makes me wrong". Mark took a breath and asked a series of short questions to find out what he could, the woman seemed to struggle with English but was pleasant and managed to answer well enough, but what use was the information they had gained?
An hour or so had passed since Jesus and his two companions had entered the hairdressers when they stepped outside into the day light again. With a sigh Jessica asked what the team had learnt, Jesus took the liberty of filling her in: "The late Mayors name was Fiona Casdres, she was generally well liked and intelligent which led to her been voted the towns Mayor at the young age of twenty, three weeks after she started her job however she was shot in the chest, its a fair assumption that the weapon was a sniper rifle of some sorts considering a lack of witnesses and at this time what passes for the law around here has no suspects. It gets interesting when you note that a day or so after the shooting people close to her, mostly staff, started getting sick, very sick in fact. Most of them are expected to die within a week or two". After this he went on to suggest that they visit the sick while they still could and find out what they could.

There was eight people affected by illness, all the same symptoms and on a similar time scale. They were been kept on a closed ward at the surprisingly present minor hospital on the outskirts of town. As the trio walked past the reception desk following directions towards ward 5 where the eight were being kept a seemingly long silence was broken by Mark; "Any theory's yet?" Dr. Jesus thought about this for a second before replying "I'm not certain, I've got a feeling but before I go any further I'd like too examine these patients" and with that Mark and Jesus pushed open the double doors into Ward 5, Jessica following close behind deep in thought.

And so as we reach the end of part two, we see Dr. Jesus, Jessica and Mark Sloan standing between two rows of four beds, Jesus looks upon the closest patient to him and mumbles to himself, "Poison".

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