Thursday, 5 March 2009

Doctor Jesus Medicine Woman: Part 1

Alternate title: Diagnosis: Quincy Murder, She Wrote.

This my friends and strangers is a story of heroic doctoring and the positively morally right crime solving that swept parts of Africa in the 1990's thanks to the gang of super friends consisting of Doctor Jesus Medicine Woman, Mark Sloan and Jessica Fletcher. The
y travelled the dustier parts of Africa healing the sick, solving over complicated murder and bringing together warring tribes with brilliant acts of negotiation. Jessica writes up their escapades and has them published as a means to help them pay for fuel and maintenance on their aeroplane and of cause the modest wage of it's pilot Bruce Dickinson.

But, I before I repeat myself using slightly more descriptive words for the second time, the story I bring you today is one of their less famous stories, this one comes all the way from Namibia, a small settlement not far from Walvis Bay: the oddly named town of Whgut (Pronounced Whag-Utt).

Dr. Jesus had been studying his map of Africa looking for an case that required him and his friends special mix of ability's, and rather typically just as he had finished his cigarette and was about to call it a night a new case caught his view. Jesus sat back down to his desk in the darkened room, the light of the monitor reflecting off his face.

The Murder of the Mayor of Whgut!

"Interesting" he thought as fished around his trousers for another cigarette. As he lit his smoke he leaned to press the intercom on the wall, it was about time his traveling companions learned of their next case. "Everyone get in here, I've found something that meets our... talents" he said calmly across the intercom knowing that everyone on board would hear.

(I say on board, as Dr. Jesus and his companions not only use an aeroplane as means of travel between remote locations but the huge passenger jet sized plane is also used as the teams personal residence and headquarters for their efforts to make the world a little bit better).

It didn't take long before everyone was gathered in the now rather crowded looking work area. Some looking more -walking dead- than others, with Jessica looking especially tired, possibly due to a few to many nightcaps. Dr. Jesus had noticed her increasing dependency on alcohol, how couldn't he after all he's an experienced doctor and the son of god, for now however he would leave her too it as it had not yet affected her ability to think out side the box when working a murder case, and her loyal fans would always buy her next novel covering their upcoming case.
"There has been a murder in a town in Namibia" Jesus opened, "the mayor of the town was shot dead on her way to get her hair cut" - "That's not a case for us, its a straight forward murder" Interrupted Jessica. "It's not that simple- since her death everyone who was close to her is falling ill, all with the same symptoms. With the towns leader now gone and her team ill, the town has fallen into chaos" Jesus replied with a sigh. Sloan spoke up "Sounds interesting, any leads?" - "Nothing" said Jesus "anyway, I'm hoping that we can head there right away and get started. This has the making of a short story don't you think" He added glancing a quick smirk towards Jessica. Bruce piped up from where he was standing, leaning against the wall next to the door "I'll make preparations now, we're heading to Whgut near Walvis right?" and with this he stood up straight and left the room.

End of Part One. (Expect Part two in this cynically planned trilogy soon, and don't worry I hope the other two parts are a lot shorter, I got a bit carried away writing this).

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