Thursday, 30 July 2009

Treasure Chest

My last day at the placement at the 'Local' College and I have been given something fun to play with. Several hours of audio footage from interviews, meetings and such like. Technically I'm suppose to listen and extract any interesting highlights. Actually however, I am editing them for comedic effect.

My ultimate aim is to mix together what I have into some kind of really bad music track, however for now I am just altering the lecturers voices so to bring down the students. As I am that sad. Preview you say? Okay.

Taken from a lecture preparing high school kids for life after school.

I thought about the what I'd have to say when uploading other peoples voices to this site on the bus here this morning and what I've decided is:
If you hear your voice and want it removed, let me know. Likewise, if you hear your voice and want to be credited, let me know.

No picture yet because I can't be bothered at the moment

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