Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bad Parents

I feel somewhat like I'm carrying on from my last post here but I'm not. Anyway, I don't watch much TV so maybe this ad has been around for a while, but an Advert is running for Air Wick (Similar to this one and these) in it a Rabbit explains to the viewer how the Air Wick thing makes her daily life so much easier and slightly less smelly while all around her, her family goes about their daily routine. I can only assume that she is demonstrating her role in the family as well, it just struck me as slightly unbalanced her husband (Boyfriend maybe? I'll have to contact Air Wick on that) spends a lot of his time running around looking after the children, seems like a nice guy for a rabbit parent to be fair, but all the while the Wife/Girlfriend Rabbit (I really should get an answer on which) Sits on her bum explaining the details of her new air freshener. I feel sorry for the kids who get hugged before bed by their Dad (or New Dad?) and then Mummy eventually comes up to read them a story... from the back of the box of a plug in scent.

(Email will be sent to Air Wick regarding the structure of the Rabbit family before the end of this day if I can't find an answer without contacting them so expect an rabbit related update at some point, personally I hope that they have written a great big back story including how one of the kids was adopted and won't know for another few adverts).

Edit: On the Air Wick website here her name is said as Mrs. Rabbit which would suggest she is married, but is that to her current partner or an old husband not yet divorced? hopefully answers are on the way.

Edit 23/2 : Initial responce from air wick, see next post.

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