Friday, 6 February 2009

The Zombie Solution

I'll try to keep this short as its pretty self explanatory, what's the best way of surviving a zombie apocalypse? Become a pirate of cause! Get yourself a ship and sail the oceans occasionally stopping to raid a port to stock up on goods and 'recruit' any survivors you find into your crew.

Now before everyone drops to their knees and praises me as some kind of goddess, the problem came to mind, what if zombies learn to swim? as unlikely as this is I had to think of a solution, luckily just then my copy of Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast version of cause) slapped me around the back of the head. Flying pirate ships; been supported by giant blimp-y balloons, problem with that was, raiding ports while flying, there are many workable solutions to this my favorite been to have a section of the floor of the ship getting lowered down like an elevator in order for crew to bring new stock on board.

After this I got to thinking about a pirate base in the skies and I got a great solution: "The Great Air Fortress Supertanker!" we steal one of those great big ships that move those giant container things around the world, attach balloons the size of the moon to it and float it somewhere as a safe haven of the skies for all pirates.

(note: the pic isnt to scale those tankers are -huge- also, some of the credit for this post should go to my left4dead buddys for bringing up the topic of how you'd survive if zombies ever took over).


Lae said...

Best plan to avoid zombies that i've ever heard of... (awesome blog btw)

E-Sam said...

@ Lae

Thanks alot ^^ my first comment and it's rather positive.

Also, read the first part to your story, but my browser didn't seems to like the idea of me posting a comment so: Personally I'd like to see a happy ending, although a sad one would seem to suit things more.