Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I did it again didn't I?

Promised tales of hilarity forgotten about and even more since then, a brief summerary, they decided to split up our group as we were clearly causing to much trouble so I ended up in with a bunch of rather boring strangers. For some reason however rather than taking this as a sign to shut up and work or whatever, I decided it was time for me to change the class into more of an arts & crafts session. I have sitting at home now a Pokedex and a Dragon Ball Z scouter that I made out of cardboard and felt tip pens rather than working on employability. I also tried my hand at dirty jokes and hosting a quiz show during an application form techniques class.
Either way that is at an end now as I have been put out on placement at the local College handling web development and such. You can tell how much I'm enjoying it as I am writing this from my office desk.

Must dash, but if anyone is out at Drayton Mannor this Saturday keep an eye out for the girl in the "I -heart- Chocobo's" top, Wearing an Helen Hunt mask (Really on this one, don't think about it to much).

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