Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lets Dance

I finally got round to sending myself all of the Safety signs I made as part of sabotaging a work project and as I'm getting almost as bad as UK:Resistance when it comes to update content I have decided since I did technically make them in GIMP that they were good enough, so here's Part 1 of my "How to: Guarantee you don't get a job" picture expose.

Probably the cleverest of the bunch, that's right, we're getting the 'good' stuff out the way early.

Any form of subtle alteration is totally out the window now, at least with the first one it could have been taken as a accidental mess up.

This one doesn't even really make sense, at the time I just really wanted to play Spirograph. I know your loving these but I have to make them last, one more for this update and then I have 3 more of ever decreasing quality!

Last one above. In case you can't see the direction this post has gone in with it's message, it's basically: If you want to screw your chances of getting hired from a work trial, take your work about as seriously as you would a midget in a clown outfit.

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