Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Try to get your combat multiplier...

... even higher. I meant to post earlier today with some signs I had put together for the job I'm doing at the moment, I'm making mobile Java books to help people learn while on the toilet or something, it's boring and time consuming considering I am expected to mix in relevant pictures to the text. I quickly got bored of this and decided that the people reading it probably would have too, so I started quite subtly (she says..) with a new safety sign stating "Danger Danger, High Voltage" but after that I couldn't think of anything so innocent. So if you take a Health and Safety Course in my area in the near future and see such images in the mobile content as "Moonwalk! at all times", "Swine Flu, Wear mask" and (one of my favourites after the first I mentioned:) "Caution, Safety Dance". Then you know who to thank.

I will post those tomorrow if I get chance, only reason I didn't earlier today was that I was tired and so spent most of midday-ish drawing a picture before forgetting why I was even there and going home. I suppose I had best write something informative quite quickly as I feel I haven't done that in at least 3-4 months:

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last week, it's that the best way of educating you're children about swear words is to take them to a theme park and sit them next t
o the roller coasters because at least while I was in attendance this Saturday gone you couldn't get near a ride I was on without hearing a high pitched, elongated squeal of various swear words usually followed by whimpering and tears.

So if you would like the opportunity to listen to your youngling asking "Mummy what does C*nt mean and why is that girl screaming it while crying?" then you know what to do.

Wizadora because, with language like mine I'll never be aloud on kids TV.

Oh, also: Hi Ray, your Pirate ship ride sucks and your failed attempts at killing us makes me laugh, I hope many people vomit on your 5£ sun glasses from above.

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