Monday, 15 September 2008


I don't have this problem myself as my hair is long enough to drop from a tower in order for a prince to climb up and save me, but someone I know has put this into my head. Dodgy hair, ya know, I can see that the whole bed hair thing is like, cool and everything but I think some people must take it to seriously you know, fair enough make ya hair look like ya just woke up or whatever, but don't make it so its exactly the same everyday, surely the point of bedhair is to like shout from your hair "hey I don't care what you think" or something, but if you are putting in the effort to have your hair exactly the same everyday, everystrand in exactly the same rebelious position, whats the point, you might as well just not bother, cause I can tell, I wont look at you an go "wow cool hair" I'll be all like "god stop trying so hard".

This ain't the same as having a similar style, you know, like having a fringe across the same eye everyday, thats fair enough you know. But how about a fringe across your right eye at exactly 26 degrees from your nose separated into one main clump and to smaller clumps one either side with a 5mm gap between each clump... well you get the idea, its just too much effort and probably requires so much hair goo to keep exactly in place that your hair will be well, gooey anyway. Just please for my sanity don't bother going to so much effort, I will worry you have OCD or something.

Anyway, I think my point is across and you probably think I'm mad, if you didn't already. But I have one more warning for you, if I see you about with your perfectly sculpted hair not a strand of that greasy mess out of place, I'll run up behind you and ruffle up your hair good and proper. Muhahahahahahahaha!

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