Monday, 1 September 2008

Wrist-Hugging From Original Site

From old site:

Wrist-hugging is properly preformed when the hugger, leans in towards the huggee's arm as the huggee raises their arm towards the hugger. Proper positioning should be roughly as shown in the first image (Right).
The hugger should embrace the wrist gently and come close to leaning your head on the arm but it is considered improper to actually touch outside of an intimate relationship.

The Huggee however should remain limp wristed throughout the duration of the hug and refrain from any improper action with the hand, their other hand should remain at their side, or possibly on a glass of wine depending on the circumstance. try not to wear any jewelry on the wrist you offer to be hugged to avoid any embarrassing situations. After what is decided as a comfortable time separate, the hugger leans back upright and the huggee lowers their arm. at this time initiate conversation or whatever action the situation calls for.

For more information on Wrist-hugging or if your interested in personal lessons from a trained instructor feel free to contact me via email or my phone number, both of which are not included on this page for your inconvenience. Also direct any work you may have for the artist of the informative illustrations found on this page to the not found above email. Thank you - Sam

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