Thursday, 4 September 2008

Finally some sort of proof

I just finished watching the new BBC three comedy "The wrong door" which does not deserve a link and as such wont get one. It seems the writers set out on a mission to prove its possible to write 30 minutes worth of sketches without managing to make anything actually watchable. This seems to be the latest in the line of shows trying to capture the internet or emo kid crowd by been as random as possible, kind of how the mighty boosh did I suppose. I won't claim to be some kind of expert on TV but the boosh was as good as it was (I'm talking the earlier stuff, radio shows and first series shown on BBC three) in my opinion because it still had a story, it was randomness with a context

The wrong door just seems to be a normal sketch show with a big enough budget to waste money on computer effects, which I dunno, seems to make it even worse, its like they have put -too- much effort into been random, the whole show ended up coming across as forced. Sorry to rant about something properly, but it needed to be said to stop me going mad.

Oh, just a word of advise to the BBC, if you have too much money going spare how about investing in the -newer- episodes of Family guy? Or well, anything really. If you get chance, sit down and watch your new bbc three show, and then watch one of your panel shows instead Never mind the buzzcocks, mock the week, which probably cost a fraction of the amount to make... which one did you laugh at more? .. I thought so.

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