Monday, 29 September 2008

Bullyin People While You Sleep Is Funny

As you can no doubt tell from my previous posts I'm a really nice person, not prone to random acts of violence at all. but the other day I had a dream, which ended up makin me laugh so much I actually woke up laughing, like how you can wake up screaming from a nightmare, but, well backwards. No doubt by now your all shouting one of two things "Please tell us the story!" or more likely "Shut up, for gods sake!". For the Minority of people who actually want to hear my story, read on.

So, anyway, I was like at this party with a bunch of people I knew way back at high school and well, I can't stand the people I knew way back at high school, apparently my sub conscious agrees with me on this as the moment I arrived at this party I went to si
t at the bar and started flinging eggs over my head to see which random people I could hit, which was great fun I have to say (Try this at home kids!). Sadly as with all things, I ran out of eggs and resigned to enjoying my drink, but this growing love between myself and my drink was interrupted just before I asked it back to my place by two guys I used to kinda get on with, one sat either side of me and begun chatting about old times. Before long I'd drowned them out and gone back to getting comfortable with my drink and started playing with my lighter. After a while the background noise from these two idiots chatting by my side gets a bit much so I come up with a brilliant plan that could only work in a dream, I started gently started fanning the flame of my lighter making it grow and start leaning towards the guy to my left, already a smirk grew on my face as he chatted on unaware of the snake of flame heading towards him, an then just when I could bare the wait no more, the Snake of fire bit into his sleeve and set his arm on fire. I start giggling to myself mad an think to myself "how hasn't he noticed" then just as I slip my lighter away and grab my drink, the guy to my right bursts out laughing as the left guy notices an starts screaming. I join in laughing as he waves his arm around like a madman... or rather, a man on fire...

This is the point where the miracle happened however, as left-man was still waving his arm about, right-man leaned in towards me and said "oh my god, isn't this just like old times" and I realised "It bloody is!" and I started laughing so hard I woke up continuing laughing like a farmyard animal.

Apology's for the length of that story, I know a rambled abit, but "Lul I dreamt I set some guy on fire" is hardly cause for a post. The point of this is however, that bullying people you used to kinda-bully is funny, so funny in fact you'll wake up laughing. Also notice I was nice enough not to use the names of the people involved, but if your reading this left-guy, stay out of my damn dreams and let me sleep, or I'll set you on fire.

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