Monday, 1 September 2008

Moths an Introduction - From Original Site

First a basic explanation as to what is a Moth. A moth is a winged beast that ranges in size from anything as small as a fly up to something roughly the size of a Ford Transit van. Certain experts of the field will disagree with that statement, but they are wrong. Moths tend to head towards the light coming from MMORPG players rooms and will do anything they can to get into the room at which point they will terrorize the poor individual which is particularly bad in the case of the Fordtransitus Mothius, one of the bigger species of moth.

Now that you know what a moth is, its time to learn the important thing here, how to combat a moth. With smaller moths many agree fire is the best weapon to use, While I agree fire certainly kills a moth, the damage it might cause before it dies might make you lean away from its use. A less dangerous but less successful way of dispatching small moths is to let it get caught in netting... As for bigger moths fire is not Recommended as the moth will likely burn your house down before it dies, Instead this expert suggests becoming a master of the blade, while it might sound extreme a sword is the best way of destroying larger moths, some think projectile weapons work well, this is true but the damage to property again calls its use into question.

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