Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I will not be confused, nor will I dot com

At the moment it seems you cant watch House without tripping over adverts for Confused.com telling me that if I'm too lazy or stupid to do it myself they will compare .... whatever it is they compare, I'm usually crying to myself or screaming in horror by the time they stop terrorizing and start advertising. Seriously these adverts upset me! Especially the woman above who as you can see leans in towards the camera so much that her head turns into an egg! (see the unedited screenshot above) and the way they talk its like car insurance obsessed zombies. Check the advert out here that gap between 'confused' and 'dot com' thats insurance comparison site zombie talk! and the background props, the ones made out of paper or whatever are all skewed or something, makes the whole scene feel surreal like I'm really drunk or high, when I'm not. I think the closest thing this advert is to is a nightmare, this advert is when you wake up in the morning screaming absolutely terrified but you cant remember why, all you can think of is been chased through a swirly supermarket by lumbering zombies with eggs for heads, with faces drawn on in pen wearing wigs as some sort of egg-insurance-zombie disguise. I can't remember exactly what happens in these nightmares but I'm sure it looked something like this:

Sweet dreams.

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